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Health Is Worth More Than Learning

ATMA is a traditional heritage Naturopathy Wellness Retreat locates at Panachikkad on the west south west area of Panachikkad temple. ATMA is a pioneer in the area of authentic Naturopathic treatment with a proven track record

What makes a great about us

Your Illness Is Not Your Identity. Your Chemistry Is Not Your Character.

ATMA rightly infuses expertise,tradition,culture, Yoga and healthy Naturopathic practices in harmony with Nature for optimizing treatment results. All treatment are intiated only after a thorough study of individual and it it will suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidlines to assist the individual reducing any of the toxic matters that has become excessive.

Each treatment is carried out here under the careful supervision of our well-trained and expert Doctors who strictly adhere to authentic treatment are prescribed in the ancient text of Naturopathy and Yoga.

Why choose us

Be The Best Vision Of You

Atma offers heritage cateogory rooms blending colonial and the old world charm and every aspect of the architecture ensures that the patrons benefit of increased efficacy of the treatment without any compromise on comport, security and convenience. All support facilities ensure that the patrons have a wholesome treatment equivalent to that of the comfort of ones's own home.Atma efficiently blends hospitality and care for the discerning health seeker with the support of courteous and well trained staff.